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Thread: FS: Very early Adams E1 0.5 gauge with Sterling Silver bell

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    Hi everyone,
    For once I am not posting one of my friends' horns for sale, today it will be one of my two personal instruments instead.
    Due to the enduring pandemic and the fact I'm nearing the end of my etudes as a music student, I've decided to part ways with my Adams E1 Custom euphonium. I honestly can't justify owning two pro-level horns when there are no concerts to be played on both on them, so I would like to pass this instrument onto someone who can make more use of it than I at the moment.

    The instrument for sale is a early example of what would later become the Adams E1 with serial number 08602, back then it was known only as the Adams Custom euphonium. The most obvious sign that this is indeed an early Adams is the absence of the patented "adjustable-gap"-receiver, other than that it is basically just a current Adams E1. The horn has a 0.5 gauge as indicated by the stamping on the receiver with the bell being made out of sterling silver.
    The horn has heavy valve caps on all four valves. I have experimented with other valve caps in the past but for some reason I always came back to this configuration.

    Overall, this is a great player. Adams euphoniums are known for their excellent intonation and this particular instrument is no exception. The sound is very open and singing, somewhat brighter compared to heavier instruments, but still more compact and deep in comparison with others thanks to the silver bell in combination with the heavy valve caps. I used this horn mainly in wind bands, brass ensemble and chamber music.

    Condition wise there is some good, and some worse news. Good news first: the valves! I used to play a Sterling Virtuoso which used the same valve block years ago. The experience I had with the valves on my Sterling Virtuoso were not so great so I had some worries at the time when I bought this instrument. Fortunately, I never had trouble with the valves on this horn whatsoever, they are quiet, fast and just do the job. I tried and used Meadsprings in the past but found them a little too strong for my liking.

    And now the worse news: The lacquer. To say this lacquer has aged like fine wine would be a small overstatement. I have been told that the quality of the lacquer jobs at Adams used to be worse than it is now, so that might be the reason this lacquer has not aged that well. There are some marks, scratches and spots were the lacquer has faded, especially in the areas were the hands rest on the instrument. You do not notice the defects in the lacquer unless you're playing the instrument or sitting right besides the person that does, so it really is not that bad. I personally do not mind this as it does not affect the playing characteristic, but I have taken it into account in my asking price for this instrument.

    This is a very lightweight instrument in a very thin gauge so you can accidentally dent this when you look at it wrong. Jokes aside, yes there are some dents, but nothing larger dan a pinhole. I am very proud to say that I am not responsible for the vast majority of the dents so I hope the next owner does an equally good job of preserving the instrument. All of the dents are located in the silver bell with some bumps in the bottom bow. If you would be bothered by the dents, they would be fairly easy to remove since the material is very thin and the bell is very soft.

    Pictures are available via this link:

    I would like to get $3800 US back from this instrument, which is a very competitive price for an Adams euphonium with a sterling silver bell. If sold at asking price I will consider a gratuity towards this forum since I have sold some instruments here in the past. This instrument is located in Belgium but I am more than happy to ship, DHL works best in my experience. Payment works best via PayPal but add 3% for the transaction costs. Offers and/or trades are welcome but I am not in a rush to sell. You can contact me on this forum or directly via mail:

    Kind regards,
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    Price lowered to $3800. Adams comfirmed that this horn was made in 2008 as an E1 custom.

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    Item is sold via other platform.
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