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Thread: The Great Mouthpiece Sale of 2020!

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    The Great Mouthpiece Sale of 2020!

    Hello - I am selling off an excess of trombone and euphonium mouthpieces that have piled up as a result of changing styles and experimentation over the years. The condition of each mouthpiece varies from brand new to well worn, but everything is clean and plays as it should. All trombone and euphonium mouthpieces listed are large shank unless otherwise specified.

    Please DM me here or email me at for inquiries - I will be more than happy to provide photos. Add $10 shipping in the continental United States. Internationally, buyer pays for shipping. Available for local pickup if you happen to be near Lawrence, Kansas.

    Bach 2G - silver plate in great condition. $40

    Bach 1 1/2 G - silver plate in great condition, very low mileage. $40

    Conn Helleberg 7B - low mileage tuba mouthpiece in great condition. $40

    Yamaha 51C4L - brand new in the packaging from a trombone I bought. $20

    *SOLD* Bach 4G - silver plate exterior and shank with gold plate rim and cup interior. Mild shank scuffing, but everything else is in great condition. $50

    Schilke 51D - silver plate with Remington taper shank. Small dents on the end of the shank with some cosmetic wear on the cup exterior and light scratching. Still plays like a Schilke 51D. $15

    Schilke 51D - silver plate with Remington taper shank. Shank is straight with scratches on the cup exterior and minor nicks on the rim that don't seem to affect playability. $15

    Kelly 51D - Stainless steel in mint condition. $60

    *SOLD* Giddings GW-103 - Low mileage piece that took a drop several years ago. Nick on the outer rim, a subtle dent in the shank, and light scratching on the rim, none of which affect playability. Comes with a Giddings mouthpiece pouch in decent condition. $60

    *SOLD* Denis Wick SM3.5 - gold plate in good shape. Light wear around the shank and some scratches along the exterior of the cup. Rim and cup interior are in great condition. $60

    Denis Wick SM3 - my daily driver on euphonium for many years. silver plate in decent shape. Cosmetic nicks on the side of the rim that don't seem to affect playability, scuffing along the shank, with some denting on the end of the shank that can probably be straightened out. $25

    Loud LM20 - stainless steel tank of a mouthpiece no longer in production. Would be my holy grail euphonium mouthpiece if I could get a third lung surgically implanted! Stainless steel piece in great condition save for a small dent on the end of the shank. $120 SOLD

    Schilke 51D - gold plate in great condition. Purchased new about a year ago. Scuffing along the shank, but that's about it. This is the newer large shank design Schilke started using about 10 years ago. $60

    Hammond 12XL - gold plate in great condition. Significant shank scuffing, but the rim and cup are near mint. In my opinion, this design sacrifices some of the dark and focused sound of a 51D/BB1 setup in exchange for a bit more clarity and ability to push and color your sound. $70

    Giddings Kadja - Lettering on the side is starting to wear really thin, but structurally in great condition. No significant wear and tear in spite of being my daily driver during most of my active duty army time (I mean, it's stainless steel). I'll probably regret letting this one go, but I haven't used it on a regular basis in some time. $100

    Schilke 51 - silver plate with some light rim scratching. Still a great choice for wind band/orchestral work on the trombone. $25
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  2. I'll buy the Bach 4G

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    PM’d. I want the LM20.
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    Bump and price drops!
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