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Thread: FS: E-flat alto/tenor horn, plays well--$150

  1. Thumbs up FS: E-flat alto/tenor horn, plays well--$150

    For sale is an E-flat alto/tenor horn. It’s a stencil horn, probably made by Amati (stamped “Czechoslovakia”). It’s raw brass and has dents and scratches, but the valves have good compression and operate smoothly, the slides all pull, it plays in tune at A=440, and it has a nice sound. The receiver has been swapped for one that fits modern tenor horn mouthpieces (like Denis Wick), and the leadpipe was reinstalled in a “floating” configuration for enhanced response.

    Pictures can be found here:

    Several years ago I had a friend (who’s arguably the best brass band tenor horn player in North America) play it, and he commented favorably on how it plays. At any rate, he sounded great when he played it.

    It comes with an old Conn case that’s functional but has seen better days. At the very least it will help to provide some protection during shipping.

    Asking $150 plus shipping. Please let me know if you’re interested or have any questions:


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  2. Horn is sold. Thanks!



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