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Thread: Effectiveness with practice durations and frequencies?

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    Thanks for all the infos!

    I am NOT a professional musician, so I can afford to be more lax about practice. That said, I did invest in an instrument, and it has been a fun hobby for me (especially since the pandemic has much locked down, including my community band course), so I definitely want to make some notable progress. I'm going to shoot for 30 to 60 minutes a day (with breaks, and distractions :\ ). I have a feeling I may resort still to "10-minute practices", but at least we can make that the exception than the norm.

    If there's anything else, feel free to chime in!

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    As a fellow amateur musician, 10 minutes is definitely not enough, but 10 minutes is better than none at all .So I'd still do it. There have been times I've only do 10 minutes. Most of the time it's 30- 50 minutes daily.

    But yes, it can feel like a slow crawl for me, since... doing all the typical warm-up stuff, long tones, scales, arpeggios, some range students and 30 mins just fly past like that. I can't even squeeze in more complicated studies sometimes (a big reason why I get stuck on the first few pages of most method books. Hahaha). Have been working less on repertoire (no for performance use, but for fun) , usually just 5-10 mins in my 30-50 min sessions.
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    In addition to all the great advice that has been shared already, I just wanted to offer some encouragement. Some days you have an hour for playing, and some days you don't, and that is ok!

    You won't make great leaps in your playing with 10 minutes a day. But when I have days where I can only find 10 minutes, which since our second child was born is more often than not, I try to focus on doing one or two simple things as well as I can. Might be long tones, flexibility, scales, an excerpt or two, or whatever. I have found if I try to jam too much into ten minutes it is just demoralizing in addition to unproductive. But when I focus on doing little things well in ten minutes I can still find joy in a little mini session.

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