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Thread: Where'er You Walk

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    Where'er You Walk

    I recently watched a streamed performance by members of the Academy of Ancient Music. (Wonderful!) For an encore, oboist Leo Duarte played an instrumental version of the song, "Where'er You Walk" from Handel's oratorio, "Semele." I was unfamiliar with this piece but suspect that it is known by many musicians, as there is an arrangement for euphonium and concert band available.
    "Where'er You Walk," a love song, has a simple but hauntingly beautiful melody and is available as a free pdf download for soloist and piano accompaniment in Bb (nice key for brass players) from It is also available as a pdf in any key from SheetMusicDirect. (My wife prefers the piano reduction of IMSLP.) I would encourage anyone interested in performing it to listen to Mr. Duarte's performance and note how his expert ornamentation adds to the beauty.
    Kathleen Battle brings her considerable artistry to an excellent vocal version, also on YouTube.
    Historical note: I saw some videos of "Where'er You Walk" performances during church services. Handel premiered "Semele" during Lent but may have received some criticism at the time due to the secular (pagan) nature of the underlying story.
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    There's a version by the Canadian Brass where the solo is in the horn part. I play it frequently on my Yamaha 321 in my quintet--only goes up to a C above middle C, though the tessitura does sit high. It's in E flat as arranged for the Canadian Brass.
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    Thanks Jim. I listened to the Canadian Brass version of "Where'er You Walk." To my ears, their recording sounded less like a love song and more like a march. Regardless of the interpretation, I'm sure you play it beautifully.

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    I couldn't find the PDF for "Where e're You Walk" from mentioned by OP.

    Can anyone help me out here.


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    I found it by searching for "Semele". It is found within that score/book.,_HWV_5...orge_Frideric)
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    Choose the "Vocal Scores" tab. Then scroll down to the "Selections" heading. The second selection is "Aria: Where'er you walk (Tenor), Act II, Sc. 3, No. 45." You can download the pdf after a pause. (Assuming you aren't a subscriber.) You will have to transpose the vocal line for a Bb instrument or, as I did, use MuseScore (or equivalent) to create a solo part for a Bb instrument.
    Dave's link also works similarly.
    Sorry, I should have provided this link earlier. I hope that helps.
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