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Thread: FS: York 4052 Pro Euph Package - Fully Loaded

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    Thumbs up FS: York 4052 Pro Euph Package - Fully Loaded

    $3,300 - Vernon, CT

    Hey All!

    This would be for the serious professional, ambitious student, or high schooler that really wants to step up their game. Too heavy for middle school or below.

    The package has all you will need: a top of the line gig bag safe for everyday, gigging, flights, etc - a professional euphonium, a practice mute, gold-plated greg black mouthpiece, and tons of accessories. I also have a case of standard collegiate professional repertoire/excerpts/technique books as well if anyone would want that. They too have just been collecting dust and could be put to better use.

    THE HORN HAS 5 NOTICEABLE DINGS ON IT. All on the bottom of the horn. Those are called "band director scars" ....... they are not a result of the bag. Otherwise - it has been chem cleaned every year since I purchased it. With 1 dent repair on the bell done a few years back.

    Here's a further breakdown of the items in this package:

    EUPHONIUM - York 4052 Eminence euphonium, equipped with leather hand wraps, stomach plate, and custom valve felts. Dents, creases, scrapes are all clearly pictured. These blemishes are one of the main reasons that the price is so low! Originally bought for $6,000

    MOUTHPIECE - Gold-plated Greg Black 3G mouthpiece. Originally bought for $225

    LEATHER HAND GUARDS - Various leather hand guards/wraps from Leather specialties company - Originally bought for $45

    PRACTICE MUTE - Dennis Wick Steven Mead travel Mute - I really love this mute. As someone who played a lot, this came in handy because it fit right in the bell, was light, and didn't affect the tuning as much as others. I love the thing! - Originally bought for $140

    GIG BAG - this thing is my pride and joy. The glue that brings this deal all together. This is the Soundwear professional bag. Leather is for wimps! If you want to turn heads, you want to rock this soundwear gig bag! For functionality, ease of carry, look, and protection, it can't be beat. This thing has saved my ass many times. Originally bought for $350

    ACCESSORIES - mouthpiece pouch, all necessary cleaning supplies, selected (if requested)


    The dings on the horn are a shame, but overall I think I am offering this whole package at an incredible value for any colleague or young student who wants to take the serious step into the pro world. Total market value, in perfect condition, looks to be around $6,500 for the package.

    Buyer must pay for shipping of their choice and insurance.

    Feel free to message me with any questions!


    - John

  2. This is a great horn at a good price. I agree with your targeting towards someone taking the next step to a full pro quality horn.
    Sterling Virtuoso 1065HGS & Adams E3 Prototype 0.70 Top Sprung valves
    Sterling Virtuoso 1050HGS baritone
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    Hey, Doug! Glad to see you still around here. Yes ... time to move on! The horn is great. Let me know if you'd know anyone interested. I'm still in the Northern CT area.

    - John

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    SOLD !


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