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Thread: Help with ID

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    Yep, hard to tell the length with just looking at the photos, especially where the valve slides go both up and down. But Doug is right, alto horn. It looks like a 2C to me, but if they had transitioned to new models by the 1940s then it could be 18C.

  2. Barry,

    The 2C has its tuning slide in the lead pipe and the 18C has front action valves, which is why I called 16C for a post 1938 top action horn. The pictured horn has a lead pipe directly into the valve block and top action valves. Aside from the lead pipe, however, the wrap looks like a 2C.

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    I have an earlier catalog here which shows a 2C without a loop in the leadpipe, but you're right about 16C vs 18C, I was looking at the catalog (with no photos) backwards.

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    Great Info!! Thank you!

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    So many seems Conn had a new idea every few years....I've heard British friends call them Squigly bits....Conn seems to change the squiggly bits alot!

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    I just looked at a picture of a 2C....neat horn....but the tubing coming off the 2nd valve is different than my horn.

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