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Thread: Best New Compensating Euphonium under $5K?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheJH View Post
    The 'Prodige' range is the renamed and reworked student-level 'New Standard' range, aka the 100 (or 1000) series.

    This new reworked compensating International series has been a thing for a year or... two now I think, but there has been NO information on it WHATSOEVER, not even from Besson themselves afaik. If you click on the filter option on the eupho page on the Besson site it still shows the International, but when you click on it there's nothing there.
    The International series of tubas are on the Besson website. I did not check the Euphonium links. I have a friend that has owned an Eb Tuba and he speaks favorably of it. It is not of the same quality as a 981/982 but felt it was on par with Wessex Ebs. (his opinion). Probably worth checking out.
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  2. Regarding the Prodige range, I recall seeing some Facebook posts by Steven Mead a few weeks back where he was going to be creating some promo/demo videos for this new range of horns. It looked like there are a 3 valve, 4 valve top action (like a Yamaha 321), 3+1 (11in. and 12in. bells available) euphoniums, and a 3 valve baritone. All non-compensating.

    Here are the links he included in his post, which go to the Besson website and show the full line available as well as specs. Seems like they're replacing the previous International/New Standard series of beginner/intermediate range horns they had.
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    Matoinis still uses a XO. He has no shortage videos including the recent multitrack ensemble of Holst 1st Suite in Eb.

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    I think he's using the XO to better blend with the ensembles he's playing with. I can see the 2nd Euph is also playing the same model.
    But I've seen videos out there where he absolutely trashes the XO horn in a comparison video with a Besson & his Virtuoso.
    Also another video he uses it in comparison with two cheap horns & a JP274S.
    I just can't imagine Jupiter has upgraded the XO to the degree where his prior comments are now moot.

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    Does anyone have any thoughts or experience with the Mack Brass ZO compensating euphonium?

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