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Thread: Yamaha 321 ebay link

  1. Thumbs up Yamaha 321 ebay link

    My son finally found a pro level horn so his previous ax is off to a new home.
    Updated link; Unless there's a bid on ebay for the horn, I'd be happy to talk price with forum members.
    New Lower Price!

    NOTE: Starting bid is now $740

    SOLD FOR $740

    Thanks everyone!

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    Love the description in ebay! Costing more than your first car! That's definitely true over here for any new professional model euph! I could not imagine spending that amount for a horn ever. So I am glad there's the used market!!
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  3. ebay bump--
    If any forum members have any feedback on the pricing/condition/terms I'd love to hear from you. Would be open to a return if someone was willing to work with me on shipping and didn't end up wanting to keep it. Thanks!

  4. Showing as expired when I click.

  5. a-HA! lost the link on the re-list. Thank You! New/current link:

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreamscape View Post
    a-HA! lost the link on the re-list. Thank You! New/current link:
    I corrected the link in the original post to the one you just provided and took the question mark off the listing. Good luck!
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  7. Bump. Price can be negotiable with forum members, at least until/unless there's an ebay bid. Thanks!

  8. Hey there! Dropped price on ebay. --Scott


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