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Thread: Stainless Steel Mouthpieces

  1. Stainless Steel Mouthpieces

    I love my stainless steel Loud mouthpiece. To me it does really seem to project every lip vibration into the horn. I think I want to move to a larger size. Seems the Loud website is not working. Looking at these two alternatives Kelly and Giddings. Any advice?

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    I'd stick with Giddings or even Michael Parker. Both GREAT products and super nice gentlemen to work with.
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    Loud have ceased production due to some family-related issues.
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    I played a Parker Mouthpiece for a while and really liked it! I'd also recommend checking out Michael Parker's products.
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  5. Once I tried my first Giddings mp I was sold. After much experimentation my favorites are GW102 on my Adams, and Kadja-M (medium shank) my old Besson. GW-103 and Carbonaria are also great if you are looking for something bigger.

  6. Thanks, I’ll check out Parker.

  7. Thanks, will do.

  8. I saw the Carbonaria on their site. Looked good. Think they will let me try or return for refund if I don’t like one?

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    The Carbonaria is a really, really deep mouthpiece. I bought one used to see what the mystique was, but quickly sold it. Also, the LOUDs were heavyweight and the GWs much lighter, which can affect how the mouthpiece "feels" to the player.

    I would make sure you can return it if it doesn't work for you.


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