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Thread: Selecting A New Euphonium

  1. Selecting A New Euphonium

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to share a post sharing with you a little of my day testing a range of Euphonium's at Rosehill Instruments on Friday 3rd July 2020. During the day I was able to select a new instrument which I am excited to be getting in October 2020 or November 2020.

    During the day I tested the following instruments.

    A Gold Lacquer Besson Prestige Euphonium made in 2019.
    A Silver Plated Besson Prestige Euphonium made in 2018.
    A Silver Plated Besson Sovereign Euphonium made in 2020.
    A Silver Plated Willson 2960 TA-UK.
    A Silver Plated Willson 2900 TA.
    A Silver Plated Yamaha Custom Euphonium.

    If you would like to read more about my day then please check out my blogs at the following links - https://micahdparsonsmusic.wixsite.c...-new-euphonium and

    Also please check out my YouTube Channel where I have posted some of the videos taken on this day -

    I would finally like to add my thanks to Rosehill Instruments for making my selection of a new Euphonium such a pleasant and memorable experience.

    Many Thanks,

    Micah Dominic Parsons
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    Very interesting. I found it especially curious that I already know, that without playing them, I wouldn't like the Willson's. The lead pipe is set too low on the instrument and, as I'm long in the body, would make for uncomfortable playing.

    I wouldn't mind having a toot on the gold lacquer Prestige as it would seem there is at least one serious development in the leadpipe. I'm not altogether convinced by the benefits of floating leadpipes, and have always preferred the soldered ones on older instruments.

    Looking forward to hearing more about this.

    Simon P
    1983 Boosey & Hawkes Globe Sovereign
    Vincent Bach 4GB

  3. Hello Simon,

    I found the Willson 2960 TA-UK quite an interesting instrument to be honest. All instruments were great in their own right and all had very admirable qualities however it was a comparison based upon what I was looking for and so I guess my personal opinion will be different from another persons opinion. The position of the leadpipe was a little different although with time you would be able to adjust to this. The sound was really nice althought I felt I was working quite hard to produce that sound. I would be interested to see how this performs in a Brass Band environment.

    The Gold Lacquer Besson Prestige was an absolute dream and really responsive!

    Many Thanks,



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