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Thread: Free Resilience synthetic valve oil

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    Thumbs up Free Resilience synthetic valve oil

    I would like to offer free of charge to the first person who asks, a half bottle of Resilience valve oil and a full bottle of Resilience "Kick Gel" movable slide lube. (I'll have to limit it to a US resident due to postage cost.)
    Some time ago I took advantage of a generous offer by Matt Simianer to try his then new Resilience synthetic valve oil for free. It didn't work for me. I don't do well with synthetics, probably due to personal body chemistry, as they seem to cause a gunk build-up in the valves.
    However, I did find that the Resilience oil was very slick and long lasting, so if your body chemistry doesn't cause a reaction in synthetic oils, it might be just the thing.
    I'll throw in a couple of bottles of Yamaha synthetic valve oil which also didn't work for me. (See above.)
    Please "PM" me if you're interested.
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    This is a great deal so I'm making the post "sticky."
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    Valve oil asked for and given. Thanks for your interest.


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