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Thread: Looking for New Horn Advice

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    I was curious about that comment as well. I too have a Mack Brass Euphonium. I've had it for 5 years and it plays just fine. No where near the end of its lifetime. The finish is not the best and the cross bar by the valves shows a lot of silver wear there but the horn itself plays great still and I believe will last for many years to come.

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    In your post you wondered out loud about how Boosey & Hawkes horns stood the test of time. I remember that was one of the big questions here on the forum about the JinBao made horns (like Mack Brass and others). So I would like to ask you the same question. "How does the Mack Brass horn stand the test of time?" It sounds like your own horn has not stood up as well as you would like. For our reference, how old is it? What issues are you having that you say "It is reaching the end of its lifetime."?

    And to bring this back around to your original intent for posting here in the first place - To help us help you find a horn that is the best brand and model that fits in your price range, it would help us to know just what your price range is.

    From the other comments that are posted on the thread here, I think that you can see the consensus opinion on a Boosey & Hawkes horn (smile).

    Good luck with your first year in college! - Sara

    PS - Here is another resource to watch. This forum has some of the same people in it as this one, so you will see some overlap.
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  2. Thank you Davidus for the link! I ended up meeting with the owner of this horn, tried it out, and absolutely loved it and bought it!
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