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Thread: New Mouthpiece Design

  1. New Mouthpiece Design

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to reveal a new mouthpiece which I am looking forward to testing from AR Mouthpieces. A few months ago, I contacted AR Mouthpieces as I was really interested in the new Glenn Van Looy Mouthpiece and upon gaining the specifications of this new mouthpiece I asked if some changes could be made which developed into a personal mouthpiece.

    Yesterday, I got the very first image of this new mouthpiece and I couldn't resist sharing it with you all today.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I hope this will kick start a chat about this very interesting range of mouthpieces.

    Many Thanks,

    Micah Dominic Parsons

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    These AR mouthpieces do look completely gorgeous. Looking forward to hearing more about this.
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  3. Hello,

    I will hopefully have some more information for you in the coming weeks.

    I am really excited to see how this mouthpiece will perform.

    Many Thanks,

    Micah Dominic Parsons

  4. Hello everyone,

    I thought I would update this thread with a few thoughts about my new AR Resonance 'MDPS1' Mouthpiece.

    The 'MDPS1' Mouthpiece has the following specification.

    Internal Cup Diameter - 26.00mm
    Throat Diameter - 7.2mm
    Backbore - Medium

    I have been testing this mouthpiece for a number of weeks an I have been rather suprised at the response of this mouthpiece. I am hoping to release an indepth review of this mouthpiece at a later date but for now if you would like to hear this mouthpiece in action please check out the following video on my YouTube Channel -

    Many Thanks,

    Micah Dominic Parsons


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