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Thread: FS: Besson Prestige 2052

  1. FS: Besson Prestige 2052

    Hello everyone!

    Up for sale is my German-made Besson 2052 Prestige. This is a very special horn, and I am only selling because I am moving over to another horn that I like a bit more.

    This horn was made in 2008 and was previously owned by Kelly Thomas who was the original owner. I bought it from Kelly in 2011 and have been playing on it since then. I've used this horn in almost every situation imaginable and it has been great. I've used it to play Planets/Mahler 7 with multiple orchestras, military band auditions, lots of solo recitals, solos w/ bands and orchestras, British-style brass band, wind band, and even brass quintet on occasion.

    The horn can be heard on most of Kelly's solo recordings and on the earlier Eufonix CD's. I have some videos on YouTube including a performance of the Cosma concerto w/ orchestra on this horn. If you are looking for a used Prestige, THIS is the horn to get!

    When I purchased the horn from Kelly he told me the horn had been cryogenically frozen. The science behind this I believe is that when the temperature drops and comes back to room temperature it lines up the molecules better and the horn slots more evenly, among other things. Whether or not that's true, this is a very even blowing/sounding Prestige.

    All the slides move very easily, tuning trigger has no issues, valves move quickly. I had the horn chem cleaned back in November and kept up with yearly chem cleanings. There are minor dings as one would expect. 2 things to note, I had to have the 4th valve area re-soldered as it came loose, and I had one side of the bell bent from airline damage that was repaired. Both spots can be seen in the pictures.

    Horn comes with the following:
    Plastic Belly guard (not pictured) and small metal guard which is on the horn
    Mead Springs (in the horn) and original metal springs
    Water catcher

    Asking for $6500 + shipping. Horn is located in Denver, CO. I am willing to drive to meet someone halfway, and I may be doing a road trip to NY this summer, in which case I could meet someone along I-70 somewhere. PM's and/or email to are welcome. Additional photos can be sent upon request.

    Steven Vaughn, D.M.A.
    Professor of Euphonium, University of Northern Colorado

    Principal Tuba - Fort Collins Symphony
    Solo Euphonium - Colorado Brass

    Eastman 836
    MW 2182W
    Besson 2052

  2. Nice horn.
    Sterling Virtuoso 1052HS & Adams E3 Prototype 0.70 Top Sprung valves
    Sterling Virtuoso 1050HS baritone
    New England Brass Band
    Winchendon Winds/Townsend Military Band


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