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Thread: Learning Bass Clef Euphonium..

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    Learning Bass Clef Euphonium..

    I really need to work on learning Bass Clef Euphonium and quit depending on having Treble Clef Parts..
    To tell you some of my background:
    I wads a trumpet major to start College, I can read multiple clefs and can transpose ( Which is what I do with Bass Clef Euphonium parts already)
    I own a couple of Euphoniums, Tenor Horns, Bass Trumpets and Alto Trumpets along with all the other Typical trumpet family of instruments..
    As I've gotten older I find it easier to play instruments that have a Larger Mouthpiece and my high range on trumpet has suffered..
    I have all the typical trumpet books (Clarke, Arbans, St Jacome, Etc, Etc)

    I just don't know what Bass Clef Books to get??

    Thanks in Advance,

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    Good project! One should be comfortable in both clefs, even though most of us have a preference for one or the other.

    I think you would like having the new bass clef Arban book:

    If you already know the concert-pitch name of the notes you play, this should be relatively easy for you. The key is different in bass clef of course, because it is in concert pitch. So when you see an exercise in written bass clef Bb, you should prepare yourself to play the notes that are in what you now know as the C scale. If you encounter a B-natural on the top of the staff, you may know that your middle C# is a concert B natural.
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    Thank You, Dave
    I like that the Edition of Arbans you recommended is partially done by Joe Alessi.. I have very good memories of him and helped him at a Brass Conference in Atlanta..
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