Just seeking any advice regarding this Wick 2AL (classic). The MP came with a beautiful B&H Sovereign that I purchased not long ago. Arrived in a Besson case with a great collection of international stickers and the previous owner's name in braille. Very interesting. Anyhow, I have become accustomed to playing either a Besson Sovereign 968 or XO with the Demondrae MP or G&W Carbonaria. This B&H feels heavy and not as quick on its feet, and I am certain that I can attribute this to my control of the instrument at the moment, but the tone is absolutely stunning....especially with this 2AL (which also assists with intonation) which presents a problem for me, because endurance is dramatically diminished. I know it is about practice, practice, practice, however; when is a mouthpiece just too big for a player? Can this be a situation where I just power through, put in the hours, and eventually become comfortable on the MP, or is it a lost cause? I thought the Carbonaria was big, but this Wick feels like a giant in comparison and coupled with the different characteristics of the B&H played with a mute, progress is painstakingly slow.