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Thread: Need some help with info on the Besson 700 series (bore size & pricing)

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    Need some help with info on the Besson 700 series (bore size & pricing)


    I'll say this first. I haven't searched much, so I could be missing somewhere where this info is available, but as of now, I have yet to find anything. I'm currently in ownership of a 1994 Besson 700 series, and I'd like some info on the specs of this model of horn. More particularly, what is the bore size of this model? I'm looking to buy another horn similar in specs but a bit larger than my current 700 series after selling it. I'm switching to tuba but would like to keep a euph on hand so it would be available to use whenever I need it. That, and I have a friend who is in need of a euph that I'm going to let use mine. They're more used to the tuba than I am, and have a lot more trouble playing a smaller instrument than I do. Speaking of selling my horn, I'd like to get some second opinions on pricing it. I have an idea of what I want to list it for and get out of it, but I don't know if it's a fair price. I know pricing depends on the condition and age of the horn, but I don't have any pictures at the moment. I can give a brief description though. The horn is in silver plate, and the original plating is still 100%. It's a 1994 Besson 700 series, 4-valves with the 3+1 setup. It is non-compensating. The overall condition of the horn is like-new. It only has three dents I can see, and 2/3 are smaller than the size of a pencil eraser. The third one Is much larger in size, but nothing major at all. It doesn't affect the playability or tuning of the horn. That's really all I would know to give in a brief description. Any ideas as to what would be a good price to list and sell this horn for would be helpful. Sorry for making this post so lengthy, especially as a first-time poster on this forum, so thanks for bearing with me everyone.

    Thanks everyone!

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    This message got sidetracked because the system wasn't sure if it was valid. I validated it, so I'm commenting to "bump" it into higher visibility. Besson 700 series is not uncommon, and some folks here may have opinions to offer.
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    Thanks! I was beginning to get slightly worried that I had done something wrong in the submission process. In my time, though it's not been very long, I've played on three different 700 series. It's actually the model of horn I started on. I know someone out there has the knowledge I've been seeking.

    Once again, thanks for validating my submission!

  4. The 76X euphoniums had .580” bores and 11” bells. They were made from 1982-1999. I see folks on eBay and Reverb listing these for prices higher than new compensating euphs from Mack or Wessex. I can wish them luck but it’s hard to view this as a winning strategy.


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