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Thread: FT/S Willson 2975 / Marzan Euphonium

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    FT/S Willson 2975 / Marzan Euphonium

    HI,I am looking to trade this for a Large Bore 3+1 Euphonium. This Euphonium features a 590 -630 progressive bore,11 inch bell, 4 front mounted valves . The mouthpipe has been changed to fit large shank mouthpieces. Up turned tuning slides for easier acces and drainage .1 spit valve off the 4th valve is located in a resevoir of sorts where most of the fluids gather for easy draining.It is in Silver Plate and in excellent condition. I was told this was made at the end of the models production run. According to this site they are available on a custom order basis for $10,600 from Willson thru Getzen. Beautifully playing instrument with a very consistent tone thru out . The larger bores just have a more compatible blow for my preference. Let me know what you have. Besson Prestige,Miraphone 5050,Adams,Yamaha 842 etc..., Also comes with a case in excellent condition.
    Pics can be sent to my email
    johnmckevitt60@ If I can not load pics to this ad contact me at my email or here and I will get pics to you.
    Thanks,John McKevitt

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    Hi John, good to see you in here. The Willson 2975 is an excellent horn usually preferred by tuba players who want to double on euph due to its front-facing valves. If there is not anyone here interested in here you might want to consider advertising over on tubenet.

    BTW, I had the honor of playing with John in a couple of bands here in S. Florida before he moved to the Atlanta area. Excellent musician! Still remember John playing his contra-bass trombone (double slide) in Fred Dart's band.
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    TY Rick
    I hope You and Yours have Fared Well with the CV-19 Virus.


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