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Thread: Elgar's Nimrod by 100 Tuba & Euphonium Players from Around the World

  1. Elgar's Nimrod by 100 Tuba & Euphonium Players from Around the World

    In case any of you haven't been able to watch/listen to this yet, Scott Sutherland and Philip Broome helped organize and create a multitrack performance of an arrangement of Nimrod from Elgar's "Enigma Variations," featuring musicians from all over the world!

    (There's a full list of musicians in the video description)

    Really well produced video and a beautiful performance, dedicated to those working and affected by the current pandemic. Enjoy!

    <a href="">
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    Thanks for sharing! That was great! Good to see Roger Bobo in there too.
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    That being said, I would like to make an observation that will probably be stirring the pot a little.

    It is usually said that piston and rotary low brass don't play together very well. I think this video proves that WRONG. I saw both rotary and piston horns in the video, and there were no errant detracting sounds as a result. Now I will grant that the rotary horns were by far the minority, and that this group did not actually "play together". Digital editing was used to bring all those individual performances together into a single recording. But if partials were going to fail to line up, or something were to acoustically not work, due to the sounds being generated from both types of horns together, then I think that we would have heard it here. I heard nothing of the sort. Did any of you?

    - Sara
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