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Thread: Euphonium Mouthpiece sizes?

  1. Euphonium Mouthpiece sizes?

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    Hi all,

    I've got an older Besson New Standard Euphonium, I'm not sure of the shank size so am looking for some advice.

    Many thanks,

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    Hi Jacob. Welcome to the forum.
    It looks to me like your Besson NS (New Standard) should require a medium or Euro shank mpc. From your SN picture your horn was mfg in 1969. See Dave’s post about size below. Note that his measurements are for the ‘small end’ of the mpc. Your excellent picture with the ruler shows 13 mm opening so the 11.5 mm small end of a Euro mpc would fit. The 13 mm would be about 1” up the mpc taper.
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  3. Jacob, do you have any mouth piece currently? A bass trombone mouthpiece? Tenor? While your 1968 horn (I checked your serial#) would originally have had a medium shank receiver, it could have been replaced with a bass trombone shank as they often were.

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    The serial number suggests it was made in 1969, so it should have a medium shank (unless someone modified it). If so, a Wick 4AM would match the horn very well. The "M" indicates a medium shank, and the "A" indicated a deep cup. I have a large shank horn, and I use the 4AL. That is the mouthpiece that was included with Besson euphoniums for many years. It's a good mouthpiece for band playing because it gives you a nice sound - warm and large. It is not good for a beginner because it has a fairly wide rim and a deep cup. Wick makes a 6BM if you want a smaller cup in the medium shank.

    Wick 4AM:

    Wick 6BM:

    The chart shows a large variety of available mouthpieces for medium shank:
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