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Thread: Stuck Bell (Wessex Duplex EP-105)

  1. Unhappy Stuck Bell (Wessex Duplex EP-105)

    Hello, I recently was fortunate enough to purchase a Wessex Duplex. It's a remarkable horn, and I've enjoyed playing on it.

    The only issue is, the smaller bell got stuck (it's detatchable so it can fit in the case) today, and I'm not sure how to go about removing it without damaging the horn. I think it got stuck from me practicing for too long without moving it.

    I included pictures, if anyone has any advice or experience, I'd appreciate the help! I would run to a repair shop, but they're all closed because of Corvid-19.

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    Hi and welcome to the forum. Yes, taking it to a repair shop would be my choice but as you say, they're all closed.

    From the pictures it looks like the bell is cocked to one side or crooked. If that's the case I would try adding some valve oil around the union and using a rubber or rawhide hammer, tap on the thicker portion while trying to push the bell back in so it's straight again. I wouldn't lay the horn on a hard surface like table or kitchen counter, but lay it on a bed or couch when doing this. If you don't have a rubber hammer or rawhide hammer, I would try tapping with the rubber handle of a regular hammer. It may work better if you had someone else holding the horn.
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    Send an email to Jonathan and/or the US Wessex guy(s) and ask them for assistance/guidance.
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    It's just misaligned. Just slip some valve oil down the fitting and push it (CAREFULLY) back into alignment. Don't try to pull it out and further until it's straight.

    Don't take the screw out next time. The screw should only be barely loosened to remove the bell. It should be impossible to get the alignment that far off.

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    I use a LITTLE slide grease on the inside of the receiver pipe. I had some problems the first time I put it together, but not since. Great horn.

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    It's in crooked. Don't try and pull it out. After getting some oil into it, it may twist a little gently pushing it in. I did that once with a detachable bell. Not as bad mind you. From then on I kept it well greased with Vaseline as it didn't come off to get into the case but just moved it to a different position.
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