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Thread: A notation question?

  1. I love this piece as well. In fact it was Amy Schumaker Bliss playing this work that made me start researching a euphonium purchase after years of waffling. I got my Horn duet partner a copy in F from Stainer and Bell and I learned the piano part to accompany her. I made myself a copy of the Horn part, but I am under no illusions that I could actually play it on Horn. I don't know how long I will have to play Euphonium to consider getting a version for Euphonium but it is, of course, on my list (sidebar: some people love it, some hate it, but I love the Trumpet Sonata by Kent Kennan do any Low Brass performers perform it an octave lower?).

    'The Studies' were originally for Cello. All bets are off when wind instruments attempt to perform string music. I have heard some really bad (to me) renditions of the 'Cello Suites' by Bach on Trombone and Horn. I haven't heard any Euphonium players record it. Personally I would want to model my attempt at the Studies after Ms. Bliss's, but failing that, I would just listen to a number of Cello performers and see how best I could approximate their take. There isn't any right or wrong as a performer. As a listener ... well some performances will of course grab you more than others.
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