This was on the same channel where I discovered Chloe Langford's video of "All Day Long" (posted in the Videos section).

It was arranged, engineered and mixed by Paul Langford, and is a collaboration of 50 studio singers from all over the United States, organized by Erik Foster. Each singer recorded at home on their iPhone or home recording equipment.(Video editing by Cameron Sprinkle). More credits below the video.


Amandy McCarthy (Indiana)
Amy Rouse (Indiana)
Bethany Bachman (Maryland)
Brent Henderson (Indiana)
Brian McCallister (Indiana)
Brock Thornsborough (Missouri)
Bruce Wermuth (Texas)
Elizabeth Garozzo (California)
Emily Apple (Indiana)
Erik Foster (Indiana)
Eric Anderson (Indiana)
Erin Benedict (Indiana)
Gary Eckert (Texas)
Greg Jasperse (Michigan)
Heather Lake (Indiana)
Jarrett Johnson (Soloist - California)
Jeff Morrow (Indiana)
Jeff Oxley (Texas)
Jon Negus (Illinois)
Katie Wilcoxson (Colorado)
Kristin Lelm (Illinois)
Layke Jones (Ohio)
Leah Crane (Indiana)
Margaret Quinette (Illinois)
Max Murphy (Indiana)
Michael Hawes (Illinois)
Michelle Lindahl (Florida)
Mike Molloy (Illinois)
Pamela Rose Bucheit (Illinois)
Paul D Mills (New York)
Paul Langford (Illinois)
Rosana Eckert (Texas)
Sara Jones (Maryland)
Sarah McLaughlin (Indiana)
Scott Apple (Indiana)
Shelley Rusk (California)
Stephanie Deckard (Indiana)
Susan Mathein (Illinois)
Tony DeRosa (Florida)
Trenton Hull (Texas)