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Thread: Not a whole lot going on...

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    Update from Westchester County, New York. I play trombone in a community orchestra that rehearses in White Plains - near the New Rochelle epicenter. All rehearsals canceled for the foreseeable future. We play a lot of nursing homes, community centers, and libraries - all concerts canceled. I also play in a community band that performs outdoor concerts throughout the summer. No word on that one yet, but during the school year the conductor leads the Lehman College Community Band (Bronx, NY), with a lot of overlapping personnel, and that's been canceled.

    My teacher conducts my lessons via Facetime.

    My wife is on staff at NYU, and she's working from our home office, holding Zoom meetings and classes. I work part-time at Pace University, and all classes are being conducted remotely. My day job is counsel at a NYC accounting firm, and the firm has directed all professional staff to work remotely. So here I sit in my home office, with my wife at her desk ten feet away, Jazz on the daybed behind me and Delilah probably curled up on the good sofa in the living room that she knows she's not allowed on.

    All in all, I applaud those in NY State government, and all my fellow citizens, who are doing what they can to slow the progress of the pandemic and hopefully avoid a surge in hospitalizations.
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    In The Netherlands, just a week after we reached 1.000 confirmed patients, we are closing in on 3.000! It's going really fast now. 106 deaths now, 30 of those today alone!
    The "stay at home" here is not very strict, it is just an advice and there is no fine if you do go out. I do expect/hope the Government announces more strict action soon. Some people are really stubborn, or just plain stupid and don't realize how serious the situation is.
    There was a guy arrested for DUI near where I live, he shouted at the police that he was "infected with Corona" (he was tested later and turns out he wasn't infected) and spit in the officer's face. He got sentenced to 10 weeks in prison for that.

    As I am a Security Guard, I still have to go out to work, but apart from work, grocery shopping or watching over my kids when my ex-wife is not able to, I stay at home.
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    Hope everyone stays safe during this coronavirus pandemic. Today I'm wearing a tee shirt one of my grand kids gave me awhile ago - but not for the reason suggested.
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  4. We're all shut down here in Nashville, too, and it's definitely for the best. We've got a lot of people in the highest risk population (as I suspect most community bands do), and so I don't anticipate getting back together until well after Memorial Day. It sucks hard to have to fill that void, but better that than the alternative.

    Probably the worst part for them, though, is that the band might be the largest part of their social lives. I do wonder how many will return to playing once this situation gets sorted out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by RickF View Post
    Hope everyone stays safe during this coronavirus pandemic. Today I'm wearing a tee shirt one of my grand kids gave me awhile ago - but not for the reason suggested.
    I got a variant of that for Christmas from my wife. Oddly prescient.
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    I got one too for Christmas from my wife - who is copying who here?? Mine is a sweatshirt.
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