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Thread: Miraphone 56 oval euphonium 5 valve (rotary)

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    Someone is selling the original stock mouthpiece for this horn on ebay. It is 11.5mm shank.

    Seems expensive for being such a niche item, but I'm hardly one to talk about that sort of thing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tbonesullivan View Post
    The Baltimore Brass writeup calls it a 54L "Kaiserbaritone" in one place, and a 56 Oval Baritone in the other. The 56B looks like a "little tuba", and I also see a 56L, which is oval.
    The 54L and 56L are oval. The 54L has an 11.something inch bell and the 56L has a 12.something inch bell and a larger bore. There are 4 and 5-valve variants of both of these. The 56A and 565 are tuba-form. The 565 is 5-valve. The 56A comes in both C and B-flat. The 56B is bell-front.

    My 56L is fairly recent and has a small-shank receiver. They may have different ones available on different models and may have used different in-between sizes in the past. German players don't typically use as large and deep a mouthpiece as we do.
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