I'm adding another positive comment to using Mead springs.

I'm using a simple Conn 14i, 3-valve "baritone" from the later 1960's with "MEADSPRINGS for Baritone and Non-compensation Euphoniums" and am really happy I ordered them. I don't remember the 4-pact costing all that much, even with overseas shipping - maybe around $40 or so.

Here's what immediately proved the $40 was worth it; we were playing John Higgins "The Sixties" and early in the piece the trombones and us, baritones, played the melody to "Breaking up is hard to do" which for me, played a middle, Ab to Eb to open-F and back up to Ab again and of course, the 'bones were pushing us faster... my problem, then was my first valve wouldn't return fast enough to pay a clean, open-F. I tried different oils - which is annoying to switch having to clean the valve casing between each different oil (blue juice, Al's Class Fast Action, Holton). Anyway valve oil didn't help, but the Mead springs did help.

please understand, our director was so annoyed with almost everyone in our comm. band throughout that piece - in that many would not follow the tunes as written but as we remembered, or more like, how we thought we remembered the popular tunes - so a lot of comments and yelling and so a bigger deal to me to play out a clean, open-F and not be a focus of our director.

Anyway the MEAD SPRINGS worked then and two years later, still work very well.

Sorry - a bit long for a positive review but this telecommuting thing for a database programmer in southern Penna is difficult, difficult to remain focused.


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