Hi new here, and thought I'd make an account.

I've recently had the opportunity to try a Willson 2950 and found it super responsive with a dark, rich, and wide sound. I also found that I could get it to sing really clearly. From what I can tell from this forum, and other forums is that the 2950 is definitely not a favorite, and I've seen people criticize it for being too "tubby" with a bad sound (?). I personally didn't notice that all when I was playing. I've previously been a British horn guy, but this horn played really well for me, and had a really nice sound to it.

Is there a reason why I've seen so many comments saying that this it not a good horn? (Does that make me a bad player for liking it? haha) Would this horn work in a wind ensemble / band environment rather than a British brass band and solo use?
Also can anyone tell me how the 2960 stacks up to it?