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I tested out the 2950 and 2900 in my band and had an easier time with the 2900. The compactness of the sound made it much easier for me to blend with clarinets and horns and melt into the tuba sound. Given, it was a smallish Marine Band of around 40 and we were playing marches mainly and a standard or two. A larger band playing more heavy hitting rep could make a difference. I’m also biased that my sound concept is skewed toward the Dr. Bowman and Behrend type sound.

I believe the 2950 is geared more towards brass bands and prioritize the robust, dark, soloistic approach over having to worry about blending and reinforcing clarinets and saxes. That’s not so say that they can’t be versatile, they just both feel like they have a home base.

Alex S
You are right. The 2900 has long been the horn of choice in the US for concert band work and is the horn of choice in the DC service bands. I've played mine for years in brass bands but it's not as well suited to that ensemble where you often need a huge round sound.