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Thread: Corrective Jaw Surgery

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    Question Corrective Jaw Surgery

    Hello, I am not new to using the forum (great resource, thank you!) but I am new to posting on the forum. I play euphonium.

    Has anyone here had corrective jaw surgery that can tell me about their experience and how it affected their playing? I am possibly having the procedure done, but am worried about the outcome. I have a receeding lower jaw and the surgery will bring it forward. I am actually hopeful that it will help my playing in the long run.

    I should note that I am not a high school or college kid with braces but I am an adult who plays professionally and advanced level repertoire. I understand that I will need to recreate my embouchure, I would just love to hear anyone's experiences negative or positive before I make a decision. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!

    Thank you.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I haven't had jaw surgery but I've had a few complex dental procedures. I have found that while playing my jaw moves in ways I'm not aware of. Some of the procedures have left a tooth that may have a bit more "contact" that before. I would think jaw surgery might result in a similar experience because of different angles that may be created.

    You might take the precaution of having a set of dental impressions made before surgery. Then if you have problems with teeth contacting, your dentist might have a place to start when trying to correct the issue.
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    I'm not going to be much help. I had a major underbite until I was in my mid-20s, but then I had complete orthodontic work and a mandible reduction while I was in the USAF. Unfortunately, that happened during a long period when I was not playing. However, when I started playing again, it was like I had never left off. Martin Cochran can testify what my embouchure is like now, but I don't know how to tag him. I doubt that your experience will be significantly different.
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  4. On a “your mileage may vary” note, trumpet player and euph dad here. I was a music student at u of m during the 79-80 school year (and yes, some of the dinosaurs were warm blooded-cause I was there so...). Had embrouchure challenges and happened to have a jaw deformity. Thought surgery to fix one might fix the other. Was told that some numbness might occur if the nerve was bumped but would go away. Surgeon found nerve to be in the way and snipped it. My playing didn’t suffer too much but I never improved after that either. Like playing after Novocain at dentist. Don’t know anything about the technique your dental team is considering, and this was 30 years ago, but throwing it out there anywa., best luck—scott


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