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Thread: Good Gig bag for a Willson 2704??

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    Good Gig bag for a Willson 2704??

    What's a good gig bag for a Willson 2704??
    I already have one for my Yamaha 321 (ProTec Bag) but have a Willson 2704 on the way and want to get one that fits it..

    I know the 321 has an 11" bell and the Willson has an almost a 12" bell so I'm afraid the ProTec will be too tight..
    That's why I'm looking at new Gig bags.

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    Miraphone makes an excellent gig bag that I bought for my horn, Wessex Dolce. I bought on the recommendation of Demondrae Thurman who used the bag on his Miraphone 5050 which has an 12 inch bell so I think it’ll fit your Willson. However it does only come in a blue from what I’ve seen so I see why that would be a bit of a turn off. But it’s sturdy and light, I truly love it.

    Regards, Gabe

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    I’ve both the Soundwear “performer” and a Cronkhite and they fit my Shires and Hirsbrunner (12”). Dillon has the Soundwear in stock and a used Cronkhite if you like the look of badlands leather.
    Shires Q-40


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