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Thread: Euphonium Valve Spacing / Span

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    John, I cracked up after reading your last sentence above.

    I found a battery for my digital micrometer and checked the width again. It's actually 6.224cm. Didn't want to take the valve stems out so measured from outside of V1 stem to outside of V3 stem. Width = 6.826. That measurement includes half the width of TWO valve stems. So I measured the width of ONE valve stem (one whole = two halves) and got 6.02mm (.602cm) then subtracted that to get 6.224cm. I agree John that I would have thought the width to be wider on the M5050 since the bore is .610". It is a bear to polish between the valve casings.
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  2. 6.67cm on my 1997 Besson 968.

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    It looks like the space between the pistons is more significant than the actual bore size.

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    6,35 cm on my 2007 Besson Prestige: 5,6 cm on my JP 373 baritone.
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    Yamaha 321s is 6.3cm.
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  6. Hi all,

    I have two data points. Not surprisingly, since Adams horns use Bauerfeind valves as does my 11 year old Sterling, they are both virtually the same, center to center.

    • Adams E3 with prototype top-sprung valves: 6.7-6.8cm
    • Sterling Virtuoso with Bauerfeind valves: 6.7-6.8cm

    These are approx. since it was done using a metric ruler and Mark One eyeball.

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    It doesn't surprise me that Willson is the same as Adams and Sterling since there is some shared heritage between Willson and Bauerfeind as well. I am surprised that the Hirsbrunner on the list is different, though.

  8. I just checked, rechecked, checked the instructions again... on my Shires Q41 I got 6.7cm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hiramdiaz1 View Post
    I just checked, rechecked, checked the instructions again... on my Shires Q41 I got 6.7cm.
    Hiram, is your Giddings mouthpiece going to be available as a signature model?

  10. Yes! Soon!

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