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Thread: Goldman- Scherzo with band

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    Goldman- Scherzo with band

    Hello all,

    Would anybody know where I can get the band accompaniment to the Edwin Goldman Scherzo a la Dr. Bowman and Hiram Diaz? I can find the piano versions, but the band one appears to be out of print.

    Thanks for any help,
    Alex Showers

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    “Performed by the Louisville (Ky) Concert Band in 2013”?

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    That would work. I know the Presidentís Own and the Cincinnati winds did it as well. Any version of the concert band arrangement would work for me.

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    Sometimes you can get a service band to send you copies. Brian Bowman played it with the Bicentennial Band in 1976 and had been in the Navy before that. So the Navy might have it, as well as the Marines.
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  5. What Dave said, call our library! Dunno the rules, but they might be able to send a set out.


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