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Thread: My Yamaha 621s, slides and spit valves--an update

  1. My Yamaha 621s, slides and spit valves--an update


    For quite a while I've posted about my needing to pull slides because I couldn't get anything out of my spit valves. I bought a Wessex BR 144 at FG.Myer 10 days ago and it worked just fine. Before deciding to keep the Wessex, I went to a very good low brass repairman, who looked at my horn and realized that I had the slides inserted incorrectly.

    In Monday night's rehearsal, the spit valves worked as they should and I didn't pull a single slide. Today I sent the Wessex back to Chicago. If I didn't have the Yamaha, I would probably be quite happy with the Wessex.


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    Good to hear LittleJimmy. Yes, the slides should be inserted so the water keys are located at the lowest point as you play.
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