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Thread: Wessex Sinfonico

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    Jonathan's comments are right on! FYI, I'm copying his last post to a new thread in the General Discussion... Category so we can talk about the concept of a "pro" horn, regardless of brand/type.
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    Hello Jonathan, what would be also extremely useful is the recording of several good clips of musical works performed on Sinfonico.... Until now, I have found almost no recorded examples of Sinfonico on the net.

    Regards, Guido
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jonathantuba View Post
    What is a professional horn? It is surely one that is suitable for use by professionals which the new Sinfonico most certainly is - it has been tried out by top professionals. In fact the less expensive Dolce is used by professionals, in the Cincinnati Symphony no less for example.

    The Sinfonico is also all individually handmade from sheet brass, which puts it nearer to an Adams than a production made Yamaha Neo or JP374. In other words this is a euphonium to comparable with those 3-5 times the cost. It is made in a completely different workshop to the previous Dolce - in Wessex new high-grade workshop by craftsmen which just build for Wessex to our demanding standards.

    As said above manufacture has been interrupted by the Coronavirus. The Sinfonico already made are I believe all sold, so we have got to wait for production to resume to get more manufactured. Once we have a timeline, I will make an announcement.
    Iím bummed that manufacture has been interrupted and I wish nothing but the best for your partners in China. I wish I could have purchased one at the show in DC!

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