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    Hello -

    I am looking for some advice. I will be traveling on an airline (Jet Blue) and would like to take one of my Euphoniums. For the trip I would use my Wessex Dolce. The case is basically cloth covered Styrofoam (the standard Wessex case). Is that case considered a "hard sided" case by the airlines? It appears they will cover damage if it is in a hard sided case. Also, can a Euphonium be gate checked? I would like to limit the amount of handling if possible. Thanks for any information /guidance you can offer.

  2. Yes, it is a hard case - and I have flown with those cases many times - and have never had a euphonium damaged. Ensure you use the bell plug that came with the horn. That stops it moving and keeps weight away from the bell rim
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  3. Thank you. Do you know if it can be gate checked or is that likely not worth the trouble?


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