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Thread: Giddings and Webster euphonium mouthpieces

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    Giddings and Webster euphonium mouthpieces

    Hello, my name is Adrià Cisneros. I'm interested in buying an euphonium mouthpiece and I want to know more about Giddings and Webster euphonium mouthpieces. My goal is to get a nice big sound with many armonics. I have this questions.

    How is the feeling of the stainless metal?

    What's your opinion about it?

    Which one is the most suitable for my Adams E3 euphonium? Carbonaria maybe?


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    Hi Adria,

    What mouthpiece are you using now? The Carbonaria is extremely deep. Much deeper than most players use. There are people than love the feel and sound of stainless and others that don't. Having tried several Giddings mouthpieces, I found that my sound lacked a degree of warmth that I got from a brass mouthpiece. If you want to try a Giddings mouthpiece, something like the Brandon Jones model ( may be a good place to start. It's size is much more reasonably than the Carbonaria.


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    I'm playing a Warbuton 4G but I'm trying a Romera Brass mouthpiece. Thank you for the advice!.

  4. I love the feel of stainless steel, and aside from the feel of it, there are other inherent advantages over plated brass (see their website for more info). Personally, I love the clarity of sound that I get with the Giddings mp's. I have owned a bunch of mp's and have sold all but the Giddings ones. I am currently playing a GW-102 on my Adams E1. I also have a Kadja, which works well with my Besson, a GW-103, and a Carbonaria. If you want to try a Carbonaria, I could be talked into selling mine. I still go back to it from time to time, but not that often. It provides a big, rich, dark sound, and might be a good fit for your E3, but at least for me, I didn't have the endurance on it that I needed.

  5. I've used the GW-103 for years on my Adams E3.
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  6. Just remember that they are now known as just Giddings, so if you want a new mouthpiece, looking for G&W won't really find you much.

    With stainless steel, it seems that people either love them, or hate them. I did not bond well with the Euros that I had. I felt that it put too much point on my attacks, when compared with a standard silver plated brass bach 5g. You may have different luck.
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    I’m using the EXL and I used to play a kadja(still do on tenor trombone). I saw a lot of Giddings used during the army tuba euph conference this year by many premier band players of each branch. Brandon Jones(USAF) even has a signature.

    I love the feel and articulation. The only thing that may be off-putting is that they don’t sound as “sweet” as the traditional brass(some of the harmonics are balanced differently).

    My opinion: I like the EXL, I got it because I heard players that I love, sound great on it. It’ll sound big and can take a TON of air without fighting back. Try for yourself if you can, just because it works for me isn’t a guarantee that you’ll like it.

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