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Thread: Piston oil for front action valves

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    Piston oil for front action valves

    Is there a particular oil, or viscosity of oil that is recommended for front action valves? Should a heavier oil be used, as the valve is on its side?

    Does anyone (everyone) have recommendations for a brand of oil? I use Hetman piston lubricant 2 in my other instruments.

    In my case it is for a Conn Connstellation.

    I assume no special care is needed, just oiling and cleaning the valves when I play.

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    Doug would have a better idea than I, as he owned the Connstellation I now have a lot longer, however, when I had the straight bell lacquered at Osmun Music (whose opinions I hold in high regard) their recommendation was La Tromba AG valve oil with silicone T1, Swiss made apparently. Their claim was that this oil is better for older horns, which has worked fine for me, keeps the valves very fast and it lasts long, without having to oil too frequently. For what it’s worth !!
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  3. I always used Hetman #1 on the Connstellation. The valves on the particular horn I had were pretty tight, the 1st valve in particular after I had it replated. Hetman #1 is a bit thicker than Blue Juice (which I use on my other horns), Wick, or Holton (which I never use). It tends to last longer and doesn't outgas as quickly when the horn sits for a while. I used Hetman #3 on my older (1941) Holton DB euphonium as the valves were not as tight.

    Having said all this, pretty much anything works as long as you keep the valves clean.

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    Thank you for the replies.

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    i was given a trick by my teacher... he suggested i try a product called Lucas heavy duty oil stabilizer. rub a small amount around the bottom and put the piston in the casing... rotate it to spread the oil... THEN, use a LOT of valve oil to dilute it. at first it will feel gummy but it will "slick" up shortly. i tried it and my valves are better than they've ever been... i've only applied valve oil once this week. i have to ask the teacher how often he uses the stabilizer.

    i use hetman 2 btw so i bought the lucas stabilizer for synthetic oil. they make it for regular oil too.

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