Follow-up on the King 1168. I did purchase the King and have now utilized it for a couple of pop orchestra rehearsals. Have combined it with a LOUD LM-52S stainless steel mp. Instrument blends well with the other low brass (horns/bones/ tuba), intonation is VERY good. Projects well within the group as told by the director. In fact the director couldn't sense much difference in tonal quality/projection vs my Schiller 3+1 compensator. The main reason for acquiring, ergonomics, is night and day vs the Schiller. 2 hour rehearsals with NO right shoulder/elbow/wrist discomfort at conclusion with the King. The only complaint at the moment is the thumb ring placement which at the moment feels awkward, causing some pressure discomfort during prolong playing. May have it relocated if I can't acclimate to it's present position. All in all I'm VERY pleased with the instrument.