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Thread: Review of the Cronkhite Euphonium Bag and Comparison of Altieri Bag

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    Review of the Cronkhite Euphonium Bag and Comparison of Altieri Bag

    Now that I have my new leather Cronkhite bag, I did a full review with several photos. There is also a comparison of the Cronkhite bag to the Altieri bag:
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    Good review, Dave. I too carried an Altieri for many years.

    I gave a real hard look at the leather Cronkhite, Altieri, and the Bonna.

    The Bonna won out, and I'm very pleased with it.

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    Great info in your review Dave. I’ve a leather Cronkite that came with my Hirsbrunner, but have a two tone leather on order in cinnamon & black, should be quite nice looking. They are certainly extremely well made.
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