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Thread: King/White Double bell euphonium need replacement valve

  1. King/White Double bell euphonium need replacement valve

    I’ve recently acquired a vintage King by H.N. White double bell Euphonium. It has a couple of dents and is missing the first valve of four and the last valve is currently stuck. Pics attached as soon as I get to desktop. Couple questions:

    - Any chance of finding a replacement valve?
    - What is FMV range for such a horn?

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  2. Good luck with your double bell.
    Tidbit of good news. The first valve is probably common with a King Single Bells of the era.
    Is valve 1 missing in its entirety or just the stem and button? Stem would probably be fairly easy.
    See if your local repair person can sort out the 4th valve without damaging anything.
    4th valve would be the toughest to find a replacement for.
    Some quality silver polish and you have a nice wall hanger right now.
    Check the serial number to verify the date, start e-mailing some of the savvy repair folks about the 1st valve, and you may have a player in a reasonable time.
    Best of Luck with it,
    Jim Babbitt
    1960s 4 valve and 1971 3 valve Besson New Standards (Denis Wick 6BM) for regular playing
    1936 Conn 5 valve 30I Double Bell (Bach 6-1/2AL) General Purpose Back -Up
    1924 Buescher 5 valve (the Denis Wick is close) and 1940 Holton 5 valve (Bach 6-1/2AL) Double Bells for kicks.
    1860s OTS Saxhorn when history is required (the Denis Wick fits)

  3. Thanks very much Jim! The serial is 124xxx placing it 1925-1930 according to the lookup tool on the H.N. White page >

    About the valve, its the whole valve missing (piston and stem), there is only the top and bottom screw caps intact. Good to know its possibly replaceable and valve 4 may be repairable. It feels like no spring in there.

    Is there any way to determine the origin of the mouthpiece? I see no markings.

    Any idea of fair market value range for an instrument such as this? I'm not planning on playing her.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    I'm not sure what mouthpiece would have normally be included originally. It was probably something akin to a Bach 7 or 9 among modern stock.

    Value? Probably in the teens if it is working. Some 4 valve samples have been listed in the 2's, but they don't fly off the shelves, and in most cases I can't see that they sold. Browse through the For Sale section of this forum for examples of current and past listings. The dark appearance of yours MIGHT limit its value, but maybe not. Depends on the buyer.
    Dave Werden (ASCAP)
    Euphonium Soloist, U.S. Coast Guard Band, retired
    Adams Artist (Adams E3)
    YouTube: dwerden
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