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Thread: Besson BE186 tuba

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    Besson BE186 tuba


    Has anyone tried the Besson New Standard BE186 student tuba or know of any user reviews? It is a small bore 3/4 size tuba with 4 rotary valves.

    Here's a link to the manufactures website. (Note: their photo is mirror imaged)


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    OK, I found a little more information about the Besson BE 186.

    First of all, it's made in China.

    Second, one vendor (Elcoda) lists it as the only legitimate copy of the Melton 186 (Note: Melton Meinl Weston 186, not Miraphone 186).

    Third, some vendors list the Melton 186 as a 1/4 instrument. However, at one discussion group a person posted that he owned a Melton 186 and that it is more like a 3/4 instrument. He said that he used one to win a full tuition scholarship but then (as of 2014) planned to trade up to a CC tuba (presumably full-size).

    Another person at the same discussion group said that he owned a Melton 186 and played in a 40 piece community band and that the two full-size tubas in the band were able to walk all over him. He said it would be a great instrument to play in a small ensemble.

    Some sites list it as a good beginner instrument. I don't know if "beginner" means a youngster or any beginner regardless of size/age.

    Also, I see the Melton 186 is no longer listed at the website. However, It seems to be a new model (in the form of BE186) at the Besson website. In the context of all of the other information, I wonder if the product was transferred to Besson and manufacturing transferred to China, keeping in mind also that both companies are now part of Buffet group.
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    The tuba as pictured is quite unusual -- since it's left-handed. It would appear to be a left-handed copy of the Miraphone 186.

    Also the 'S' characters in 'Besson' are upside down, and the "Besson" logo also appears to be upside down.

    Not sure how these innovations might affect it's intonation and overall playability.
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