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Thread: Giving the Wick 4AL another chance:

  1. Giving the Wick 4AL another chance:

    To my ears there is something (almost) magical about the sound I can create on the 4AL. Big, open and resonating are words that come to mind. Also when listening to other performers e.g. David Childs or David Thornton I preferred their sound when they still played the 4AL. (Now DC3 and K&G3.5D)
    If I listen to “older” recordings of David Childs (e.g. Celtic Charm) I prefer that sound to the “newer” sound on the DC3 (e.g. The Symphonic Euphonium Vol. 2) David still has a beautiful sound (don’t get me wrong) but to my ears it’s a bit more focused on power and high range.
    Am I the only one that hears and or feels this way about the 4AL?

    For some reason I always start loving the 4AL when playing it and after some time I feel the need to switch to something else.

    This time I have some major concerts in April and will play the 4AL for at least 4 months.
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  2. I am back on 4AL on my Adams E3 which I am using in the New England Brass Band. I use my Doug Elliott on my Sterling. The Sterling is a slightly smaller bell (300mm instead of 12") and sound "warmer" with the DE, at the expense of a bit more effort.

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    Because of the pressure I use, the K&G 3.5D gives me 90% of the Wick singing sound with 200% more endurance. Obviously I'd love to use the 4AL full time, but the K&G for me is a good compromise.
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    I have never tried a DW4AL, but after discovering the K&G mouthpieces I have want I wanted and I don't want to try anything else.
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    I kept coming back to my 4AL, and for several years that is all I have used. I also agree about players who have switched to other mp's (David C being one) not sounding quite as good, tone-wise. HOWEVER, David, to continue using him as an example, used to play a very grueling schedule. Now he has other responsibilities that I assume mean he has fewer hours with a mp on his face. That might lead one to switch to something that sound not quite as good but enables them to keep their professional performance. I have the "luxury" of time to ramp up for gigs, and so far the 4AL is fine. If I get more busy playing in the future, I may need to re-think things.
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