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Thread: Finally Upgrading

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    Finally Upgrading

    I am working on improving and need some advice on selecting a new horn. Primarily, I am trying to figure out what I am looking for and where can I find one?

    Some background information:

    I am a 27 year old Finance/Actuarial Science major at UW Whitewater living in the Waukesha, WI area.

    I've been playing Euphonium for 18 years, tuba for on/off 8 years. Recently (4 years ago), insurance purchased a Miraphone 186 BBb tuba when my student-level tuba was stolen. I had toyed with buying a new Euphonium a couple years ago, but then settled on not because my current one seemed to do the job well. However, now I have a professional quality tuba and can feel the difference in horns. That being said, I have never played a professional Euphonium and am really interested in finally upgrading.

    Current instrument - Yamaha 201 in a Bach label. Honestly, it's a really great horn. My high school band director kept trying to buy it from me because he liked it.
    Intended use - Community music, solo/ ensembles in church, and occasional ensembles when my friends need me.
    Skill level - I would not say that I am probably a decent amateur. You won't hear me playing the Arban solos anytime soon.
    Price - it is negotiable. Given my current career goals, I can afford a more "pricey" instrument come 2022 given how I have financed college. Otherwise, I can afford a moderate 4-9k model given my current occupation if financing is available.

    Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!


    Aaron W.

    P.S. - If anyone knows of some Euphonium teachers in the Greater Milwaukee area or even Madison, I am looking. I would like to have a professional evaluate my technique and help guide me in ways of improving my playing/sound.

    P.P.S. - I posted on this forum years ago when my tuba was stolen. If I didn't say it then, I would like to publicly thank everyone in the community for their support. Unfortunately they didn't retrieve my instrument, but the insurance compensated me with a whale of an upgrade.

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    How does $3,300 sound? A forum member has a nice York for sale at that price:

    At less than half that price you could buy a nice Wessex (new), so if you are on a tight budget that is a nice mid-line choice.
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    It happens that Wessex has just introduced a brand-new hand-made EP600H (Sinfonico) euphonium model that will become available in March 2020... Cost is a reasonable $2975. Unlike the other two Wessex eupho models, which are semi-mass-produced, the EP600H is made by hand.

    The EP600h home page is at:

    There is a forum thread on this eupho here:

    BTW, you can go and try out the EP600H (Sinfonico) at the Wessex showroom near Chicago. Give wessex a call at:

    (616) 843-6888

    Regards, and Happy New Year!

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