After searching for 4 years, out of the blue I am contacted by a seller responding to a WTB I posted for a Conn 90G. The Conn 90G is in Mint/unused condition. Wow! We agree on a price and arrangements for shipping. I track the Conn 90G from Nevada to Londonderry, NH the final FedEx stop where it is posted as Out For Delivery, but it never arrives. That was back on October 12, 2019. After three months of literally hundreds of phone calls and letters rising to the President/CEO of FedEx Ground, I finally had to give up and made the claim. I really wanted the Conn 90G not the insurance money. I still can not believe they can not find it a box that is 30 x 23 x 17 inches and weighs 20 lbs. Anyway It's time to move on, so here's another WTB for a Conn 90G. If someone know of one, please let me know. Have a good day. Nelson