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Thread: Trying to find the right Euphonium for my son

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    I am wondering... if the above is an Adbot or something
    "Never over complicate things. Accept "bad" days. Always enjoy yourself when playing, love the sound we can make on our instruments (because that's why we all started playing the Euph)"

    Euph: Yamaha 642II Neo - 千歌音, JP 274 MKII - 千歌
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    Thank you for the past 15 years -Yamaha EP100 - Euphy

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChristianeSparkle View Post
    I am wondering... if the above is an Adbot or something
    More likely a low-paid human "bot". The post above has been removed and the user banned. The site he linked is suspicious, and his only previous comment was short and generic. That is often the sign of someone trying to build a reputation on a site or testing the waters so they can then post junk. Thanks for raising the question (and I had already begun investigating the post!).
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