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Thread: Yamaha 842ts problems

  1. Yamaha 842ts problems

    Hey everyone! I recently bought a brand yep 842ts (trigger system) and itís making the most obnoxious little rattle with every note. Do any other 842 owners have the same issues and if so HOW DID YOU FIX IT? Thanks!

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    Welcome to the forum! Sorry it has to be for tracking down an annoyance.

    Start by looking here:

    and here:

    Does anything in either of those threads help?
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  3. I would first check the valve caps, top and bottom, as well as the adjustment for the trigger. Make sure that the trigger linkage is lubricated as well.
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    From whom did you purchase your horn?
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    Yes I had/have a similar problem on my 642 Neo with Trigger. The vibration on mine comes from the main tuning slide being too loose within the tuning slide casing. Using a thick grease, like Hetman's heavy solves the problem, until it thins out and needs to be replaced. Of course, using a thicker grease makes the trigger harder to push, but I find I don't use it all that often.
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  6. this helped thank you so much iíve been losing my mind over this small rattle

  7. thanks iíll check these out

  8. a local music dealer, they are one of the yamaha shokunin dealers, buddy rogers music

  9. An easy thing to do is to grab a friend/relative/etc and play a note that really causes that vibration. Then have them touch parts of the horn you suspect. You can also do this yourself somewhat. Maybe take a clean sock or something and wrap various parts of the horn.
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