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Thread: Chicago Tuba Christmas

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    Chicago Tuba Christmas

    Sometime in the last year or so somebody posted a photo here of forum members meeting up at one of the conferences (maybe ITEC?). In any case, it seemed like a really fun way to put faces to user names and enjoy this community.

    I will be doing Chicago Tuba Christmas this year and I never really know anybody there, so if any of you will also be there and want to meet up for the rehearsal and concert PM me and we can work out the details.

    Hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season!


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    The Chicago TC, as you likely know, is normally held in conjunction with the Midwest Clinic, which is CANCELLED
    for 2020. I'm on the board of the Harvey Phillips Foundation and things are very much up in the air for this year.
    It's yet a bit early for soon as I'm aware of something, I'll direct people to TUBACHRISTMAS.COM
    to find any available info. Whether there will be a TC in Chicago--or anywhere--in 2020 is unknown.
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    Many of the local events in my “hot spot” are being cancelled at least into the fall.

    Although I can hardly stand to think of it, the fact is we may not have ours, even if they can be held elsewhere in the US.


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