Wessex Dolce vs JP274MII vs Dillon DMB-967

I am an amateur player looking for a quality, durable, compensating euphonium. Previous horns: Yamaha YEP-321, King 2280, and a 60s Besson New Standard.
Just coming from playing tuba for the past few years and looking for a newer or near new horn. Will play again in community band or church groups. Budget is max $2000.

12" Bell
Large shank
Lacquer (Brass) finish
Durable pistons
4 Valve - preferably compensating

I think the following would suit my needs:

John Packer JP274MII - high end of my budget - depending on seller (any sales?).
Wessex Dolce - right in the middle - not available until mid-Jan.
Dillon DMB-967 - not many reviews - worried about durability

Open to other suggestions.