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Thread: Baritone Mouthpiece for Military Marching Rep

  1. Baritone Mouthpiece for Military Marching Rep

    Hi everyone,

    I recently purchased a refurbished 1920-1922 King Bell-Up baritone. It plays wonderfully, but it came with a stock no-name mouthpiece that is far too small for me. It has a large bell at 11Ē, so I wonít be using it for brass band rep. Iíll likely only use it for wind ensemble rep (military marches in particular) Iíve heard good things about the Wick 6BY and SM6, but Iím not sure if those are meant for the brighter 8Ē english style baritones. If anyone could make any suggestions of other mouthpieces to look into, Iíd appreciate it.


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    most english-style baritones have 9" or larger bells, but that's irrelevant. Bach 6.5AL would be my first thought for such an instrument, or a Wick 6BS which is a little larger but still in the same neighborhood.


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